Professional Services

Counseling & Spiritual Direction

Available to adult individuals and couples.

Counseling may be covered under health insurance. Please contact our office, at 586-784-5632 or, to see if your health care insurance is accepted.

Grief Information Classes

Three 2-hour classes designed to provide help, information and care to persons who are grieving a significant loss. Individuals who want to help loved ones who are grieving are also welcome to attend.

Grief Support Groups

For persons who have experienced the death of a loved one. Groups meet on a regular basis providing support, information and care as we seek God and bear one another's burdens.

Small Group Ministry

For individuals and couples who are seeking a deeper walk with Christ through authentic community. Groups provide challenge, encouragement, and support as we struggle to live for Christ and one another. It’s a safe place to explore what it means to “lose our lives.”

Marriage Retreats

For couples who desire a deeper connection with God and with one another. Weekends are designed to explore how God uses marriage to transform our hearts and move us toward bringing His Kingdom of relational beauty to our relationships.

Directed Day-Retreats for Women

Come Let Us Return to the Lord Day-Retreats are available to women who are seeking a deeper communion with Christ. As we come away from the distractions and busyness of life, we create space for the Spirit to work. Through teaching, Scripture reading, sharing and personal quiet time, we seek to strengthen our relationship with Christ and be empowered by His Spirit to reveal Him as we relate to others in our world.

Annual Weekend Retreats for Women

Come Away My Beloved is our annual women's weekend Retreat - This weekend opportunity is available to women each fall during the month of November. In a restful and peaceful setting, we are challenged to explore what it means to love God above all others and to reveal His Heart by the way we relate. Through worship, teaching, Scripture reading, sharing and personal quiet time, we explore paths which invite us to a deeper and richer communion with God.

Please visit our Upcoming Events page for the schedule of upcoming retreat opportunities.